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Chronic Hives... Linked To Bacterial Infection

Hives are a great annoyance to many people.  Especially for those who have chronic hives without being able to diagnose the reason.  There are treatments for hives, but there are not really any cures for the situation. 

Hives will call for different kinds of treatment depending on the reason the person has hives and the severity of the case.  The treatment for hives will be different for those with acute urticaria than for those with chronic urticaria. 

Acute urticaria being the hives that do not last more than six weeks and chronic urticaria being the hives that last longer than six weeks.  Those with acute hives told by their doctor to start taking an antihistamine until the problem is resolved. 

If a person has chronic hives, the hives treatment may be more complex than just an antihistamine.  Because hives are caused by the body releasing histamine, the first step in chronic hives traditional treatment may be an antihistamine.  Generally, a person with chronic hives is going to need more than this. 

Studies done a few years ago in 2001 on chronic hives showed that the reason that some people experience chronic hives is due to a certain kind of bacteria.  This same bacteria has also been known to cause some stomach ulcers. 

The bacteria that we are talking about is the Helicobacter pylori bacteria or H. pylori bacteria.  The first time that this bacteria was linked with hives was when patients who had stomach ulcers and hives were given antibiotics.  In these patients, the antibiotics not only helped with the stomach ulcers, but they also cleared up the chronic hives. 

Chronic hives may also be linked to autoimmune disease and thyroid disease.  Treatment of these underlying diseases can treat chronic hives as well.  Treatment for chronic hives comes when you find the root of what is causing the hives.


by Kate Andrews - 23/8/09

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